Music for your Ceremony

Why 3D at your Wedding Ceremony on site   Let 3D Entertainment take away the stress of playing all your special songs as you walk down the aisle (Processional), Sign your registrar, you’re walkout (recessional) song and back ground music at you’re location on site. 3D will provide the Sound Equipment, A 3D operator; a radio Microphone for your Celebrant and you’re Vows so all your invited guests can clearly hear and understand what is being said. As long as there is 240 Volt power we can help and take the added stress away. This package is included in 3D’s Platinum or Multi-Platinum or can be add as an additional cost to the 3D Diamond package.   How much thought have you given regarding the music to be played for your wedding ceremony? Maybe you have found the perfect outdoor location or maybe your chosen church doesn’t have an effective sound system. Music is the finishing touch to make the ambiance of your most special day absolutely perfect. Getting the correct versions of your especially selected songs is only half the challenge, ensuring your guests can hear the music clearly is also vital.   Don’t let the months of intense planning of the most special moments of your most precious day to chance – let the music maestro’s of 3D Entertainment control the music at your ceremony ensuring that all your invited guests are free to enjoy the spectacle of your celebration. All the details of your key songs including song versions and durations are planned in advance in consultation with us. We will set up our powerful and professional audio equipment a discrete distance from the guests in a very attractive and safe booth. We can provide wired and wireless microphones for your celebrant if required (please confirm this with us in advance). If your ceremony is in the same location as your reception, we can even continue to play background music as the guests mingle after the bridal party moves off. If access to 240 volt mains power is difficult, we can overcome this with a battery powered solutions.   This fantastic service is included free of charge to our Multi-Platinum couples, is an option for our Platinum couples and is a small additional cost for those considering the Diamond...

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M/C Role

Why 3D as your MC   3D Entertainment has found in the past that a lot of people don’t really understand the role of the MC, or think it is just about public speaking. It is so important to be comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, but a good MC knows exactly how a wedding or Function is run and all the little things that go on behind the scenes. Let 3D MC’s take all your stress away as this is what we do best every week.   If you are the MC, you are the host of the wedding or function. No, you don’t want to be in everyone’s face, however, you do want to make it clear that you are the person who knows who needs to be where and when. Guests (and the Bridal Party) need to feel comfortable that you are going to guide them through this entire Reception or function, with minimal hiccups or disruptions.   You have spent many months planning your event. We don’t want the bride running around trying to organise everybody. Let 3D Entertainment take care of all the details, ensuring that the bride & groom can relax and enjoy their guest’s at their wedding reception. 3D Entertainment MC will structure with you your personal agenda with a good understanding of your program injunction with your venue and keep everyone in the loop on the evening; this will ensure that other service providers will be coming to us with their questions rather than harassing the bride & groom all night. Your 3D MC will keep everyone in the loop, making sure your correct music is played and the photographer is there to take the photos. 3D MC cannot stress enough how important timings are to the success of any event. It is our job to ensure that the formalities run to the program. The best way to do this is ensure that everyone who is required for a formality is reminded 10 minutes prior to it. If the formalities run over time, then money spent on entertainment will be wasted when there is no time to dance, because there were big gaps between dinners, the speeches, cutting of the cake and bridal waltz. It can be very costly to the couple/organiser if their event needs to be extended an hour because everything ran behind. So please be assured that your 3D MC will be the best decision you make for your Reception or Function. This package is included in 3D’s Platinum or Multi-Platinum or can be add as an additional cost to the 3D Diamond...

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