The Frequently Asked Questions of 3D Mobile Entertainment.

Q.        What is a consult, and why do I need to do it?

A.        Your consult is the most important preparation aspect for us as your music provider in the lead up to your wedding.  You want to be able to enjoy your day without constantly being asked annoying questions about which song is your bridal waltz or cake song.  The purpose of the consult is to discuss and decide upon all your special song choices, timings and special requests for your most special of days.

Q.        How and when do I book in for a consult?

A.         Please call or email us 3 weeks prior to your wedding to book in for your inclusive consultation which should be held during the week of your wedding.  Generally, it takes about 60 minutes unless you would like us to perform the M/C function as well, in which case it will take 90 minutes.

Q.        What do I need to bring to the consult?

A.         Ideally, both you and your fiancée should attend prepared to consider music for your wedding.  Consider in advance options for your particular event songs, but don’t feel compelled to make your final selections alone – let us help!  Our Song Suggestion Sheet can offer some alternatives.  Be sure to bring along any song lists, details or times that you think are important.  Be sure to give some thought too any songs that you definitely do and definitely do not want played at your wedding.

Q.        When do you hold the consultations and where?

A.         All consultations are held in our office, Shop 2A/29 O’Hanlon Place, Nicholls.  When you come into Gold Creek, just turn into the McDonalds Drive-Thru and you are looking straight at our shopfront.  The consultations are held the week of your wedding, between 9:30am-3pm, Monday to Thursday.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer consultations after-hours, as they are our peak working hours!

Q.        Do I need a deposit, and how do I arrange payment?

A.         No, we do not require a deposit to secure your booking.  If your circumstances change, we do ask for communication via email as soon as possible to confirm that you do not wish to proceed with the booking.  Cancellations within 30 days of the wedding may incur a booking fee of $150.  Payment is requested to be finalised at the time of consultation by either cash, cheque or electronic transfer remittance.  Our payment details are included in your booking confirmation paperwork.  Unfortunately, we do not offer credit card or EFTPOS payment options due to the high fees involved.

Q.        Who is my DJ?  Can I pick which one I get?

A.         All DJ’s for Saturday weddings are assigned on Friday’s and your DJ will be allocated on the basis of several considerations.  Firstly, if we are performing the M/C Function for you, you will be guaranteed one of our most experienced entertainers.  If not, your general music selections as discussed in the consultation will determine which DJ you will have on the night.  Each DJ has different strengths and weaknesses across music genres and we will pair a DJ that will work well with your music choices.

If you feel very strongly that you still want one particular 3D DJ, please ask us about the ‘3D Guarantee Fee’, and the benefits that this provides you!

Q.        How many songs do I need to pick from the database?

A.         You don’t have to pick any!  During a 6 hour wedding there is only time for about 100 songs across all genres and moods for the whole night.  Please don’t feel compelled to select 1000+ songs to play as that is likely to be a waste of your effort.  If you would like to select some songs, please do but remember that quality is more important than quantity.  As a minimum consider 4-5 artists you may wish to hear over dinner, and pick out a handful of songs you might like to hear whilst on the dance floor.  Be sure to tell us during your consult of any songs that must be played on the night.

Q.        Do you play requests?

A.         This depends!  Weddings are a collaborative effort, which is why we hold a consultation with you.  If you are happy for your guests to request reasonable songs then we will play them, if you are not, then we won’t.  Any song that the DJ considers to be outside of your general song preferences may be refused to or further approval from you sought.  This is discussed in detail during the consultation.

Q.        What is a Volume Contact and Master of Ceremonies (M/C)?

A.         A volume contact should be a responsible friend or family member that you nominate to adjudicate any potential concerns that certain guests may have regarding the volume of the music throughout the night.  An M/C is someone who will take some accountability for the outcomes of the evening, and make sure that timings are adhered to as much as possible, and that any concerns of your guests are dealt with efficiently and with no interruption to the smooth flow of the evening.  Quite often this is performed by a close personal family member or friend, however if you would like to make sure all your guests are free to relax during the evening, we can provide you with a professional M/C for a small additional fee.

Q.        Is the set up and pack up times included in the 3D Entertainment quote?

A.         Yes!!  We owe it to you to ensure that our equipment and music is 100% correct before you arrive.  As such we will set up our equipment earlier in the day (venue permitting), and will pack down once the night is complete.  We will liaise with the venue ourselves regarding setup times so please do not be troubled by this.  Our equipment requires a 3 metre x 2.5 metre square area for safe set up!

Q.        Does 3D Entertainment need anything extra on the night?

A.         Our requirements on the night are very basic!  We need to be undercover, be within 10 metres of a 240 volt power point, be supplied a trestle table to set up on, and provided an ‘Entertainers’ meal and non-alcoholic refreshments.  Please let us know if the power point is greater than 10 metres, or if you wish us to run a speaker to another area such as an outside ceremony etc.

Q.        Do you travel out of town, and how much does it cost?

A.         We love to travel out of town and have performed many functions from the North Coast, out to rural NSW and down into Victoria.  Travel costs do apply as for interstate travel as does accommodation for long trips.  Please email or call to enquire further.

Q.        Do you do jukebox’s or karaoke?

A.         As fun as these things can be, no we do not provide either of these services at the moment.  What we can provide you though is Canberra’s most competent and professional mobile entertainers along with total piece of mind!