8.jpg9.jpg3D Entertainment DJs pride themselves at being more than just human jukeboxes. We believe that the purpose of having a DJ at your function is to entertain the crowd with a unique blend of music and personality, assisting in making your special event a successful one.

3D Entertainment DJs specialise in reading the crowd and actively encourage guests to dance through the use of microphone work,music selection and interactive games to keep the function lively and fun.

3D Entertainment can also provide professional MC services, meaning you can rest assured your evening will be run smoothly by an experienced crowd speaker so that you can kick back and enjoy the night’s festivities.

3D Entertainment DJs are all well presented in our uniform shirt and tie, are confident and well spoken and will always do their utmost to assist in making your function a memorable one. 3D Entertainment DJs will always set up their equipment prior to your event in an unintrusive, safe and attractive portable booth. 3D Entertainment DJs are all carefully selected and trained to a very high standard by Stan himself and with wide variety of personalities and styles to compliment their essential technical skills, you can rest assured all of your music entertainment needs will be well met on the night.

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